Airhart A1's Luxury Cockpit


  • 4 Seats

  • 600 NM range

  • 150 KTAS¬†cruise

  • 750 lbs useful payload

  • World Class Airhart Controls


The Airhart A1 is a simple-to-fly, single-engine airplane intended to enable anyone to be able to fly and designed to extend the capabilities and safety for those who already know how to fly.

It is built to give you the range, the speed, and the useful payload that you would want for a family vacation, visiting a client, or just a nice flight.

This reservation secures you spot in line to purchase the Airhart A1. While the details of the aircraft are finalized, you will have the insider look into what we are working on. Deposits are fully refundable.

The A1 is not finalized and its specifications are subject to change.

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These deposits are fully refundable at any time.

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about AIrhart

Airhart is making aircraft simple and intuitive to fly. Our advanced flight control systems make flying to Tahoe as easy as driving to the grocery store.

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