Our advanced flight control systems make flying to tahoe as easy as driving to the grocery store

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what we DO

Airhart is creating Airplanes with advanced Flight Controls That enable anyone to fly safely


Direct your aircraft effortlessly through taxi, takeoff, flight, and landing with Airhart's intuitive stick and throttle design


Modern software constantly monitors for the most common causes of accidents. Fault-tolerant electronics maintain functionality even if components fail.


Fly-by-wire functionality gives pilots F-22 style control over their vehicles. Control software that can stop issues before they cause accidents.

HOW we do it

Airhart airplanes are built with a fault-tolerant fly-by-wire control system that simplifies all phases of flight so that flying an airplane is as simple as driving a car. Redundancy and thorough testing are built into the design from the start ensuring that every flight is safe, no matter what.


Flying an Airhart airplane is more simple and intuitive than any aircraft ever created. Simply set the power lever to the desired airspeed and push the stick in the direction you want to fly. Airhart's flight computers, sensors, and actuators will handle the rest. No more rudder pedals, turn coordination, reverse control, or "stick and rudder mastery". It's that simple.


The Airhart cockpit is designed entirely around the pilot to make flying as simple as possible. Airhart minimizes the number of buttons, switches, and knobs to make interactions with the avionics as intuitive as possible. Airhart reduces the learning curve to minutes instead of hours. All built with a modern design and high-quality materials.


Airhart airplanes are architected around multiple flight computers and redundant intelligent sensors. These can detect and react to any faults that might occur during flight and save the pilot from having to read through emergency checklists during an actual emergency.

Why we do it

58% of modern general aviation accidents occur because of loss of control, unintended flight into clouds, or another similar situation where the pilot was unable to control the aircraft properly, making travel by general aviation more dangerous than travel by car. Airhart's flight control avionics systems focus on preventing these kinds of accidents. Read more about our philosophy here.


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Airhart is making aircraft simple and intuitive to fly. Our advanced flight control systems make flying to Tahoe as easy as driving to the grocery store.

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