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Our goal at Airhart Aeronautics is to build the most advanced airplane in the industry. We believe technology should be brought to bear on any problem we encounter rather than remain satisfied with existing solutions. By designing an aircraft around safety, reliability, ease of operation, and advanced technology, we not only make it easier for our customers to accomplish their goals but also shatter the stereotypical image of small aircraft.

Our mission

Airhart is revolutionizing the personal airplane by building safe, beautiful, intuitive-to-fly airplanes to give everyone the freedom of flight.  

Our Vision

We’re building the easiest-to-fly, safest personal airplane to remove barriers to flight. Our aircraft will be safer and more intuitive to fly than any other personal aircraft on the market.

Our team

Interested in joining the Airhart team? Check out our open positions on our careers page.

Nikita Ermoshkin

Co-founder & CEO/CTO
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Nikita Ermoshkin is an electrical and systems engineer with experience in electrical, mechanical and software design and a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Cornell University.

‍Nikita was an avionics systems and integration engineer at SpaceX, where he worked on Falcon 9 Fairing recovery, Falcon 9 Payload design, Falcon 9 Stage 2 avionics, and several other projects. Prior to SpaceX and Cornell, Nikita was a co-founder and systems architect at Carbon, where he worked on the development of Carbon's 3D printing technology and printer architecture.

Soren Rademacher

Lead Flight Software Engineer
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Soren’s passion for aviation and software engineering led him to pursue degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Software Engineering from North Carolina State University. He spent 8 years at Carbon designing, fabricating, programming, and testing cutting-edge large-format additive manufacturing technologies.

At Airhart, Soren leads the development of our flight software, bringing the rigors of traditional engineering disciplines into software engineering.

Suleyman Barthe-Sukhera

Guidance, Navigation and Control Engineer
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Suleyman is a Guidance Navigation and Control Engineer with a background in Aerospace Engineering from North Carolina State University and Autonomous Robotics from Grenoble INP. Previously, Suleyman was responsible for validating embedded software functionality crucial to on-board as well as remote charging and discharging of the Mach-E and F-150 Lightning. Today, his passion of ensuring the (semi) autonomous machines of the future are robust to uncertainties and errors brings him to Airhart, where his primary role will be quantifying and increasing the safety of flight.

Jacob Kiesel

Senior Software Engineer
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Jacob Kiesel is a software engineer specializing in graphics rendering and embedded systems. Jacob has been working with the bleeding edge of computer graphics rendering since 2016, and is committed to building advanced and intuitive instrumentation for Airhart planes. Prior experience with NZXT Inc. and Vivint Inc. has given him an eye for modern electronics design and user experience development. Jacob also has an extensive background in open source development, and has been involved in designing and advancing the software ecosystem and language tooling that Airhart relies on.

Mark Ginnard

Senior Mechanical Engineer
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Mark Ginnard has 35 years experience as an engineer in the automotive and aerospace industries all over the world. After many years working as a CAD design engineer and specializing as a studio feasibility engineer for Maserati, Ferrari, Mercedes, Porsche, Google and Rivian, Mark has now joined the Airhart team as senior mechanical engineer working on complete interior trim, seating and airframe structure.

He enjoys volunteer service as a Major in the Civil Air Patrol, serving on several life saving missions over 15 years, accredited with two lives saved.

Tahj Thompson

Mechanical Engineer
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Tahj Thompson is a young engineer fueled by a passion for revolutionizing the world. As a Mechanical Engineer at Airhart Aeronautics, Tahj is pushing the boundaries of innovation. With invaluable experience gained at industry giants like Raytheon, Boeing, and Archer Aviation, Tahj brings a unique blend of expertise and creativity to the team. His admiration for flight led him to pursue a degree in Aerospace Engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. United in their mission to modernize general aviation, the Airhart Aeronautics team is reshaping perceptions of flight, making it more accessible for all.

Brendan Quinn

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Brendan Quinn is a software engineer who specializes in low level software and embedded systems. He previously worked at Apple as a technical lead on the prototyping and emulation team for several of Apple's silicon chips including the M1, M2 lines. Brendan graduated with a degree in Computer Science and a vector in AI from Cornell University. Brendan led Cornell University Unmanned Air Systems, a team dedicated to building autonomous aircraft for search and rescue missions and where he met Nikita. Together they competed against over 50 international teams, routinely placing in the top 3 teams.

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