the Airhart Sling

Airhart is working with Sling Aircraft to develop a private aircraft that is easier to fly and safer than any plane on the market. Join us to build the easiest-to-fly and safest personal aircraft ever designed.

800 NM
maximum range
148 KTAS
cruising speed
7.4 GAL/HR
maximum range
cruising speed

Flying should be intuitive

The most important feature of the Airhart Sling is how pilots will fly the airplane. We have adopted an intuitive active side-stick design that is the primary point of interaction for the pilot. Simply push the stick left, right, forward, or back to fly left, right, down, or up, respectively, and our redundant and fault-tolerant flight computers, sensors, and servos will handle the rest.

No more worrying about rudder pedals or “stick and rudder mastery”. The side-stick is actively controlled to provide feedback to the pilot so that they can feel precisely how the airplane is behaving while letting the Airhart control system keep the flight safe. In the center console is our innovative speed control system. Simply push it forward or back to speed up or slow down. No more fussing over reverse control during slow flight or the typical “pitch, power, trim” adjustments.

An Interior rending of the Airhart Sling

Personal aircraft - designed like a car

While Sling is providing the base airframe and powerplant with the Sling TSi, we are completely redesigning the airplane's interior with new and modern style, materials, and electronics. Our all-leather interior, high-quality trim, and modern displays will give the Airhart Sling a genuinely luxurious and modern feel.

Safety, without compromise

We are committed to building the safest personal airplane on the market by employing modern standards in air-safety technology and manufacturing to upgrade the personal airplane into a modern, intuitive machine anyone can safely fly.

Our commitment to safety is also a commitment to quality, elevating the flying experience by taking the time and energy to design an airplane that can be appreciated for its engineering and materials to create a flying experience unlike any other.

An Interior rending of the Airhart Sling


Rotax 915 iS
Maximum Power
141 HP
Cruise Speed (9,500 ft)
148 KTAS
Stall Speed (Full Flaps)
Takeoff Distance (Sea Level/7,000ft)
1,150 ft / 1,575 ft
Landing Distance (Sea Level/7,000ft)
1,150 ft / 1,395 ft
Rate of Climb (Sea Level)
1,000 ft/min
Range (75% Power)
880 NM
Maximum Useful Load
992 lbs
An exterior rending of the Airhart Sling


Be one of the first in line to fly the Airhart Sling. By putting down a deposit you are securing a spot in aviation history. Your deposit helps Airhart make our vision for personal aviation a reality. Deposits are fully refundable.

Reserve your spot

Pre-order your Airhart Sling with a $1000 fully-refundable deposit here. The Airhart Sling will cost $500,000 and we expect to begin deliveries in January 2026.
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