Airplanes anyone
can fly

Airhart is designing airplanes anyone can fly by building safe, beautiful, intuitive-to-fly vehicles that give everyone the freedom of flight.

Safety Without

Employing modern standards in air-safety technology and manufacturing to upgrade the personal airplane into a modern, intuitive machine anyone can safely fly.

A Truly Innovative

Airhart's cockpit is designed entirely around the pilot to make flying as simple as possible. This means fewer buttons, switches and knobs to distract the pilot from their most important task: keeping the flight safe.

Get Ready to Experience a Revolution in Personal Aviation


Direct your aircraft effortlessly through taxi, takeoff, flight, and landing with Airhart's intuitive stick and throttle design


Modern software constantly monitors for the most common causes of accidents. Fault-tolerant electronics maintain functionality even if components fail.


Effortlessly monitor your airplane's performance with our state-of-the-art computers and sensors, featuring an intuitive display and user-friendly interface.

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Airplanes Anyone
Can Fly

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